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The Jobs menu gives you quite a bit of control as a technician. You can search for active and inactive jobs as well. When you select a row, you can see what traps are on each job, as well as what traps WERE on the job. You can look at past field reports and create new tasks for the job at hand!

There is a MAP link to help you navigate to the job. You can also look at all of the active jobs on the jobsite maps, or the billing maps- furthermore you can filter those jobs with a check mark and see ONLY the selected jobs on the maps!

There is also a search function “Click here to search” where you can search for specific jobs, types of jobs and the technician assigned. You can also search by city, species or ID. Click the same “Click here to search” to close the search field.

Clicking on the Start Date opens the detail view where you can see specific information about the job!

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