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Field (Report)- Technician Desktop Login - Help

This is an important part of NWCOPRO. Creating a field report to document field conditions, trapped animals, and to check equipment in and out of inventory is essential to running a healthy business. The Field report does all of this and more!

I will try to document the highlights!

First of all if your going to create a new report click on “New Report” and you will see a Report Source button with a gear appear - click that!

Next choose the Job by clicking the All Jobs Drop down, and then the task that was assigned. If the task is complete, choose “Yes” if this JOB is complete then select yes for that - keep in mind that as a tech you may not want to mark the job complete - just the task that was assigned to you! You must choose a job to add images and equipment to it!

Next you can either click the “Report Menu” or one of the little blue arrows adjacent the “New Report” button. The Report menu is a quick way to jump to another part of the field report.

The report menu has 5 other buttons besides the Report Source.

  1. Notes: This is to record what you actually did vs what you were supposed to do.
  2. Customer Information: List the customer the report is about.
  3. Equipment: Allows you to record what traps are set out and picked up - and animals!
  4. Pictures: Allows you to add pictures to the report.
  5. Billable's: Allows you to add items to the final invoice, and to get a customer signature.