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NWCO PRO Software

Terms and Conditions

By USE of the NWCOPRO website and database software as a service:

You agree to use this software at your discretion for the fee if any associated with your purchase. Your data entered into our application is your data, and we will not authorize any data access to anyone outside of  the owner associated with the account. You agree not to give out your username and password or login information to allow others to access your account, each login must be used by the intended paid user.

If you require additional logins, they can be setup for a fee or created FREE by you. We cannot be responsible for the actions taken by you or users you allow to access your information, this includes people standing behind you.

We will refund any disputed purchases at our discretion but as any good faith business we aim to please. If we do not deliver, we will refund at our discretion an amount in response to the claim. It is important to note that  your data is only as safe as your login, giving out your admin account information is to give away all of your business information. To allow technicians or employees to login you should set up additional users. DO NOT GIVE OUT your admin username or password, we will never ask you for it - ever. All we can do is change it, we cannot know it as the information is encrypted in the database.

Failure to pay, will result in your data being READ ONLY meaning you can see your data but cannot edit it or enter NEW data. Accounts including all database entries may be deleted after 2 years of non payment. Your information will be available for download as an excel file during this time - so if your NOT happy you can take your data and move on. Our commitment to your success is our first goal - we will work hard to make this the best business decision you ever made.

Onsite Setup, and or training is not included in any purchase price. You can cancel at ay time - as well as restart your subscription.


You also agree to our use and portrayal of anonymous usage and data. In other words we remove all personally identifiable information from the data and may display it in an aggregate way on our website or in marketing. An example might be to list on the home page within the application (not public) aggregate information on the average number of raccoon calls for the month. This data is taken from all users and displayed to all users. This can be seen as insider information for subscribers, showing general trends in work, etc. To date there is no other application out there that can do this.

Please report any problems to