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Nuisance Wildlife Control listing of animal activity  and professional services

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My name is Charles Parker and I created this software as well as this directory of pros. I have spoken to and know every individual listed on this website/directory. This Directory of professional wildlife control companies not only lists them but gives about as much information we can provide about them. This additional information makes choosing the right wildlife control company a much easier choice. People want to know that they are getting the best, and the more they know - the better the decision they can make. Let them know you found them on NWCOPRO

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D&D Nuisance Wildlife Control


Phone: (319) 610-3870

We handle all nuisance wildlife

  Additional info: Google+  Facebook Page

75 mile radius of Clarksville, Iowa

Cities we service

Services we provide

We do not have members listed in Iowa. We list our members first, for free. The first person to request a listing here is also free after that unless your a NWCOPRO member I charge 25 bucks to list you - it’s a one time fee to cover my time to do it. This isn’t a link farm or an advertising agency. I list who I want based on who I believe is actually reputable and will do a good job. This is a manual process, and you can lose that listing if I get excessive complaints about your or your business dealings. It’s simple and fair.

I would also recommend Kirk Stout from Wildlife Specialties INC - NWCOA member.

His website is here.

Call him at 319-389-3183

Disclaimer: This is a free listing - I chose this company after looking at those in the area that offer bat removal services and decided to list him, he does not pay to be listed here.