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User Guide

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Reference Library

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The reference library should be filled out as soon as possible!

The Reference Library is used primarily at a desktop computer in the office to setup some basic information that ordinarily you would have to fill out multiple times such as the species “raccoon” or the cost of an inspection and it’s description on an invoice.

You can find out more about each by clicking on the corresponding item in the following list.

  1. Vendors: People an d places you might BUY from.
  2. Species: No longer that important…
  3. Equipment: where you itemize your equipment.
  4. Equipment Type: types of equipment.
  5. Cost Library: Itemize what you do, used to populate certain fields
  6. Trap Status: used to populate certain fields.
  7. Call Status: used to populate certain fields
  8. Address Book: used to populate certain fields
  9. Customer Type: used to populate certain fields
  10. Leads and Referrals: list of same
  11. Relationships: used to populate certain fields.
  12. Actions - Gone as unnecessary.

Some items are in development and all are subject to change. For the most part everything is fully developed and will be noted if it is not or being redeveloped.